How CashRamPatent works


How CashRamPatent works

Anyone can come up with a good idea but unless that idea is transmitted to the world's business community then it has little chance of going anywhere. Here at CashRamPatent we hope to give your ideas oxygen, maybe mixed with some helium so others can clearly see what depth they have.

Using CashRamPatent your ideas will surely have world wide recognition and application.

For hundreds of years different governments have offered local patent protection in exchange for a filing fee and the taxes collected from any profits the producers and buyers might generate. That was before the Internet. Now it is possible to protect your idea globally and at a small cost while allowing all manufacturers to compete to produce your idea. And they pay you for your efforts.


So how can your ideas be protected by CashRamPatent?

In truth at the moment they can't. What CashRamPatent needs is the support of the world's multinationals, the mega giants of commerce. Between them they control what could possibly be the heaviest force in the world. Consumer backed 'Corporate Muscle'.

These companies are constantly looking for new ideas to keep their customers happy. After all, their prime objective is always to keep their customers happy. At CashRamPatent they will now have a cornucopia of fresh 'inventions' from which to choose. So at some point they must realize that the protection of patents can best be done through their own world business organizations. Those that don't see that will be the losers in the long run.

So don't despair if for a while your invention fails to generate market interest or is even stolen. With CashRamPatent it is listed where the whole world can see that you own it. Therefore it will be easy to see who the thieves are and in time adequate compensation should be forthcoming. And don't forget that once you disclose your invention it becomes 'Prior Art' so no one else can ever patent it.


Open a CashRamPatent Application

To file for a CashRamPatent or copyright protection you must have a CashRamSpam email account. This is free and is found at

To lodge a CashRamPatent protection application.

You must first log in to CashRamPatent using your CashRamSpam ID and password. Then click on 'Lodge an Application'. Going down you will see on the right there are 3 buttons. The top one is marked 'CashRamPatent System' , in the middle is 'Production List', and on the bottom is marked 'Real Bills System'. Production is for those companies wishing to take advantage of the listed patents or of any other goods needing partners to proceed with their manufacture. Real Bills is for those wishing to attract speculators to help fund any process of production. (For further information read 'Discounting Real Bills'.)

Click the first for;

1/ all new theories, processes or discoveries all now known as 'inventions',

2/ existing patents,

3/ copyright,

4/ trademarks, logos and slogans

Next step is to lodge the name of your 'invention'.

Enter the 'inventors' name(s) and title, and country of origin. Your CashRamSpam email address will auto list.

Select a category for your invention from the pull down list. Describe what it is that makes your invention useful. You have 250 words to do this. If you need more space then place a link to your own server.

If you have an existing government issued patent then you must list the existing patent file number, country of origin, file date and the protection end date.

Next is a tick box to indicate if you want to have the 2 years priority on your invention or not. This is intended to stop others producing saleable goods incorporating your invention for a period of 2 years after you registering with CashRamPatent.

Now click the submit button. Before that is activated you will be prompted to pay AUS$10 (about US$7) which must be paid from your CashRamSpam account so it will be necessary to have at least AUS$10 in that account.

If you have registered with CashRamPatent an existing government issued patent then the charge is still AU$10. If this patent expires before the maximum 5 years granted by CashRamPatent then that previous date remains the expiry date. You must indicate if you want the 2 year priority period to apply otherwise you will be agreeing to allow anyone to use your invention by virtue of your signing up with CashRamPatent.

Expired patents can be registered on CashRamPatent for $10 but must be listed as 'Expired' in the expiry date for existing patents.

Payment for registration must be made from your CashRamSpam account. A credit card may be used inside CashRamSpam to charge up your account if you have insufficient funds.

After payment is received your entry will be date and time stamped using Australia Eastern Standard date/time. Now you can print out a CashRamPatent Certificate as your receipt.

Once the registration is finished and the certificate is printed out then anyone with a CashRamSpam account can pass judgment on the 'invention'. Any comments added must be done within 100 words. If more space is needed then insert a link to the extra material.

After making their fair comment voters should tick the 'Yes' or 'No' box for/against granting protection for the invention registered. If after 24 comments there is a three quarter (3/4) majority against the invention then the CashRamPatent protection is automatically withdrawn unless further comments reverse the results .The words 'No Protection' will appear along side the CRP Patent ID after a three quarter majority 'No' vote.

The owner of the invention can add their comment against opposing comments once only. CashRamPatent will not adjudicate in any disputes unless a payment of $5 is made by sending an email to; quoting the CashRamPatent file number after registration is accepted.

After 5 years all CashRamPatent protection for inventions and copyright is removed but the grant remains on view for the public record.

Remember CashRamPatent has no authority over existing patent protections and its own protection at the moment is not acceptable in any court of law.




26 th March 2009 CRS