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CashRamPatent! Overview

  • CashRamPatent! Overview
    Your Good Ideas

    The current world wide patent protection system is antiquated and expensive. This results in a reduced amount of good ideas being publicly generated.

  • CashRamPatent! Overview
    Current Patent System

    Due to the impending collapse of the largest economy in the world and the flow on effects to other economies probably means that all patent protection systems will switch off once the US dollar is dumped as international pricing currency.

  • CashRamPatent! Overview
    CashRamPatent -- New Solution

    Except for CashRamPatent apparently no other low cost patent protection system is currently available to the worlds business community

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Welcome to CashRamPatent!

The 7th in the CashRam Series of websites.

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  CashRamPatent is an attempt to bring some sense into the world of patents, a world mostly dominated by very wealthy companies who can afford to hire armies of lawyers to defend the ownership of their ‘invention’, which would be okay if it wasn’t so restrictive and expensive for everyone else.

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CashRamPatent Inventor

  • So what is in it for me, the inventor?

    Up till now most inventions are a waste of time and money, as I am sure most inventors will agree if they have ever applied for patent protection. In the present system possibly as many as 95% of all patent applications and grants never see the light of day let alone get picked up by an interested manufacturer. The problem is there are just too few patent review officers so for all intents and purposes the present patent system is an expensive waste of time and money for most applicants ...

  • How does CashRamPatent help inventors?

    Because of the massive increase in the amount of applicants seeking patent protection and the complexity of some of their designs it is easier for the patent office to...

  • CashRamPatent is for everyone

    So even you the huge multinational who employs 2 floors of lawyers patenting everything that moves just in case it might be valuable some day ...

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