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Why patents cost so much ...


Probably nothing is more wasteful in world commerce than long living iron clad patents. The cost of continuingly defending them while the amount of time and money spent trying to get around them is excessive. And once obtained patents allow companies to legally avoid the single most important function of the market place, competition.

At the moment all patents require protection and the protection used is the force of law, otherwise known as The Rule of Law. This force is found in all countries in varying degrees of strength depending on the size of the government bureaucracy wielding it. In western societies where most patents are produced this force is usually the strongest.

Around 1710 English lawyers set up the first modern patent protection system which today keeps many IP trained people in a full time job. But to set it up they first had to create a large bureaucracy to oversee what was to become a 'nice little earner' for many governments and themselves.

The cost of the bureaucracy enforcing the government supplied patent protection has always been borne by tax paying consumers who rarely see much benefit from granting a monopoly to an inventor for many years .

Other costs are initially borne by the inventors who pay for everything from their lawyer's fees to government patent lodgement fees but always they have to add all this cost onto the final selling price of their product, should it ever get to the market place.

In total the use or even threat of use of 'The Force of Law' is always expensive and also severely limits the amount of business activity possible. Plus it hinders innovation.

CashRamPatent is designed to allow for a better patent protection system and without using the overly expensive government force as the final arbiter. The system in use now is just not cost effective and produces too many people doing little but costing a lot of money to the inventors before their idea has even been manufactured. Finally the current patent system is itself possibly an illegal monopoly.


How would CashRamPatent supply the patent protection?


Under CashRamPatent a powerful protective force would still be necessary but that force would need to be supplied primarily from the world's business community who themselves are very aware that a deadlier secondary force actually lies within their customers wallets.

Between themselves all businesses have the power to protect patents. And they will once it becomes beneficial for them to do so and they can do so by using a little known oxymoron called 'transparent collusion'. Any agreement to use the might of business to protect patents would normally take time to evolve but with the impending collapse of the fiat paper money system there is probably no other available system other than CashRamPatent to help protect existing and new patents.


Once the current governmental protection force is gone no patent will have any rights.


Already this force is much weaker because of the uncertainty of the validity of any patent granted over the last 15-20 years. It now falls upon the patent holders themselves to protect their investments which at the moment can mean spending many millions in long court room battles just to see who gets to keep the weak government protection that's on offer.

Future patent protection will be impossible without any agreed consensus of ownership from the world wide business community.

CashRamPatent could easily be the eventual conduit for that agreed consensus. The current system is far too old and urgently needs to be replaced and CashRamPatent is up to the job.


CashRamPatent offers 'protection' for a period no longer than 5 years. Under the CashRamPatent system for the first 2 years only the inventor has sole priority to their invention meaning only they or any entity to whom they sell those exclusive rights can 'manufacture' the invention. During that priority period the inventor pays nothing to CashRamPatent. After the priority period is over any persons may freely use the knowledge in that patent for the remaining 3 years for monetary gain in return for the inventor receiving a 10% share of any profit that the patent produces for the manufacturer, with 1% of that profit payable to CashRamPatent.


After the total 5 years is over anyone may use the expired invention or copyright.

By using CashRamPatent manufacturers should produce a rapid product replacement regime thereby negating the need for longer patent protection simply because there is always fresh fruit in the bowl.


A CashRamPatent holder may if they wish ignore the 2 year priority entitlement and let everyone conditionally use their idea immediately.

Monthly payments to the inventor from the manufacturers of their invention are to start one month after the date of the finished product being available for sale and ending the day after their CashRamPatent expiry date. In this live period all payments to the inventor are to be made through CashRamSpam. This payment method will automatically give CashRamPatent 10% of the amount remitted.

Companies using a CashRam issued patent and not paying the inventor should soon be known to the rest of their industry. All payments to the inventor are made by clicking the 'Pay 10% of total gross profit' button on the issued patent web page. Here an amount of 10% will be deducted by CashRamSpam from the figure supplied. It is advisable for the payer to inform the payee by CashRamSpam email of any remittance.

After the 5 years is up CashRamPatent protection is removed but the expired patent remains on view for the public record.


Software will only be patentable on CashRamPatent if it is unique, such as a new language or operating system or a totally new type of application such as CashRamPatent. Neither will genetic sequences be patentable unless they are man made and demonstrably useful.


All company names, trade marks, logos and slogans have 'in perpetuity' rights from the time of their CashRamPatent registration date.

CashRamPatent customers and visitors agree to these conditions by virtue of signing into CashRamPatent. All visits are recorded.


We must again remember that under the existing patent system all goods are far too expensive, which in turn badly restricts consumer choice. Only true competition reduces prices and promotes savings and helps put all countries manufacturing on a fairly level playing field, while hopefully keeping everyone everywhere happily employed in pursuing their dream.

Inventions over the last 100 years have been the largest source of the world's stunning new wealth. Until people began inventing probably most were always poor. More people need to invent but more importantly they must also have a better opportunity to show others their ideas than has been available up till now, and that is the main objective of CashRamPatent. Inventing is probably the primary function of the higher brain. The world needs all those higher brains working even harder.


In poverty many problems multiply because the lack of money is the root of all evil.


26th March 2009 CRS