CashRamPatent for the inventor




So what's in it for me, the inventor?


Up till now most inventions are a waste of time and money, as I am sure most inventors will agree if they have ever applied for patent protection. In the present system possibly as many as 95% of all patent applications and grants never see the light of day let alone get picked up by an interested manufacturer. The problem is there are just too few patent review officers so for all intents and purposes the present patent system is an expensive waste of time and money for most applicants.


How does CashRamPatent help inventors?


Because of the massive increase in the amount of applicants seeking patent protection and the complexity of some of their designs it is easier for the patent office to just collect the money, quickly grant a patent and then let the courts sort it out. This of course keeps the lawyers happy, takes years, costs another fortune, and stifles innovation.

So now hopefully many of you inventors are looking at CashRamPatent to see if it might be worth spending 10 Aussie dollars to protect your ideas. That is if CashRamPatent could protect your ideas. Well hopefully it will if lots of you inventors sign up because there is always strength in numbers and until the numbers are up there then there is no strength.

Don't forget, under the old system you have probably had less than a 1% chance of anyone outside of the patent office ever reading your work. Here at CashRamPatent eventually everybody who's in the know will read your lodgement and make their comments. They probably can't help themselves.

Because they are using their CashRamSpam email address you can contact them if you wish and also see their profile if they have filled in their demographics in the Green Pages found inside CashRamSpam.


CashRamPatent is for everyone.


So even you the huge multinational who employs 2 floors of lawyers patenting everything that moves just in case it might be valuable some day, even you should be looking at CashRamPatent simply because;

1/ you can afford it

2/ you must be prepared for the day the present system collapses.

3/ you have to be instrumental in enforcing CashRamPatent protection so all consumers will benefit from your strength.

In Christmas of 2008 there was a distinct lack of interesting things to buy. There was the usual iPod gadgets, plasma's were cheaper, on line video games are supposedly getting better, blue rays are picking up steam, but the killer product was no where to be seen. Why not? Possible because every time someone gets close to bringing a new something to the market place a 'patent troll' gets wind of it and starts a lawsuit, effectively stopping enterprise.

Patent trolls are lawyers who are in charge of lots of patents that often cover common ground things which should never have been granted a patent in the first place.

This is why no software or gene sequencing will be protected by CashRamPatent unless it is truly unique, such as a completely new language or a beneficial man made strand.


To get back to the original premise, what's in it for you the inventors?


Once you set up your invention on CashRamPatent any CashRamSpam account holder can comment on it. If that comment is negative then it has to be backed up with specific facts to be valid.

With a large amount of people critiquing your invention there should be many advantages to yourself and to the world of commerce. This is probably because everyone can see straight away if you've come up with that killer invention just by looking at the 'Yes' and 'No' results and not from reading every comment left about it. And it's only costing you $10 for this world wide scrutiny and publicity. This method of scrutiny must attract the keen entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists.

So if you sign up with CashRamPatent the $10 is not going to make anybody here rich but the 1% CashRamPatent receives through you, should anyone take up your invention and makes it profitable, could certainly help to get a vibrant world wide economy working.

So look at it from that point of view. Your invention could help bring about a consumer revolution to benefit the whole world. The odds are that the best ideas will come from people who could not afford the old system simply because that includes 99.99% of the world's population. At $10 a go, virtually anybody can put up their chance of making it big. Anybody, any where there is an Internet computer.


And the limit of 5 years CRP protection is necessary to ensure continual innovation and constant quality improvements.


One small observation;

With a fiat irredeemable currency people use bank notes to buy the goods and they possibly instinctively know that intrinsically the goods are more valuable than the bank notes used.

With an unadulterated gold standard economy, the goods will be used to buy the gold, so the goods will probably need to be of a far more attractive quality. Which is why the easily readable CashRamPatent, can with your help, supply the many new inventions needed for a vibrant gold based economy.


26th March 2009 CRS